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Express yourself and boost your confidence with a lasting nail polish

Hi! I'm Emma

I create long lasting, sustainable nail polish with heart for anyone looking to express themselves and feel confident. For me, nails have always been a way of expressing myself that made more sense than fashion. Trendy color is more accessible than the newest handbag or pair of shoes. It’s an affordable way to express your self and show your “colors” - pun intended. I've always felt super confident and badass just after a fresh manicure and I've found a way to make this feeling last a little longer between manicures.


Talon Nail Polish lasts so long that the confident, self expression stays with you even between manicures. 

Talon is a women owned company, produced in Southern California. Our formula leaves out a lot of the harmful  and unnecessary junk for a long lasting nail polish that's more conditioning for your nails than gel. I strive to keep every step of the process as waste free as possible. Talon Nail Polish uses recycled, compostable mailers and leaves out single-use individual packaging. We reuse or repurpose any shipping or packing items that come from production and have a bottle return program.


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